Information For Patients

Patient Assets

Our ideology of putting patient's interests above all has led us to the formulate the following patient rights. We treat you and your health as our responsibility.

  • Protection of patient and attendent during care.
  • Consert and involve the patient and family in decision making treatments. Documented process is required from the patient in decision making for treatments.
  • Educate to patient & attendent about health care needs.
  • Information about the estimated cost for treatment.

General Instructions

Shriram Memorial Hospital(SMH) has established a reputation of high standerd treatment and care.W e request our patrons to lend a helping hand in assisting us to serve you better. These instructions are formulated to maintain the discipline and decorum befitting a medical institution.

We thank our patrons in supporting us abiding these simple regulations.

  • Patients are advised not to keep any valuables, jewellery, Mobile Phones and other expensive items with them during their stay at the hospital.
  • Patients/relatives are requested not to promote bribery with any of the staff working of Hospital as they are instructed strictly not to accept such things, to keep the moral values and help the poor and needy who can't afford to do so.
  • Any employee demanding Money should be reported to the Administration Department.
  • We encourage feed back from patients to find out their problems as well as suggestions that they would want to share during their stay in the Hospital. We appreciate your valuable suggestions.
  • Smoking, Chewing tobacco & Consumption of intoxicating drinks is strictly prohibited in the Hospital Premises and any one committing the mistake will be strictly punished.

Finance and Insurance

Information regarding Insurance can be obtained from the OFFICE located at the ground floor. Health Insurance is the latest buzz word in the Healthcare industry. Though not new, Indians are recently beginning to accept this concept. This industry has been observing steep increases in Insurance takers recently. This increase has made it essential to provide Health Insurance education and financial guidance. Hospitals are equipped with the necessary staff to attend to your queries and sail you through financial hurdles.

Do's and Dont's

  • Keep the hospital clean.
  • Use garbage bins for disposal of waste.
  • Contact to Administrator's office in case of any problem.

  • Come in large numbers as it creates overcrowding, chaos and can cause infection.
  • Smoke, spit or make noise.
  • Bring children below the age of twelve.
  • Keep valuables in the patient's room.

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