Our Departments

Dept of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Our team is capable of catering all open and laparoscopic procedures for gynaecology with our team of Gynaeoncologists surgeons. We aim to treat every female patient in our care,using professinal expertise.


Department of Family Planning

This department of Family Planning is grounded in the belief that every woman has a right to plan if, when and how to have a family regardless of race/ethnicity. socio-economic status or citizenship.


Department of Pathology

The Department of Pathology provides a complete range of anatomic and clinical diagnostic and consultation services. Cytologic examination of specimens from the body sites and tissue types are routinely preformed.


Dept of Laparoscopic Surgery

This department has a very well organised team of Sr. Laparascopic Surgeons, Anesthesists, Technicans & Nurses. Repairs of all kinds of hernia appendicectomy, intestinal resections.


Department of Surgery

SMH has a team of General Surgeons, They are competent for various operations like Gall Bladder, Hernia & Appendic etc. Our Operation Theater is fully equipped for various operations in emergency conditions too.

Department of Orthopedic

This department provides highly trained and skilled specialists in the field of trauma of musculo-skeletal system, sports medicine, adult and paediatric reconstructive surgeries.


Shriram Test Tube Baby Centre


Department of Medicine

The goal of this department is to provide proper medicines from reputed companies that can give proper releif to the patients. The medicines are properly tested and then given to the patients.


Shriram Memorial Hospital


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